Termonfeckin (Irish: Tearmann Feichín) is a small picturesque village and parish in County Louth, Republic of Ireland. It is located some five miles north-east of Drogheda.

Tradition has it that a medieval monastery was founded in the village by St. Feichin of Fore in the 7th century. The monastic settlement was plundered by the Leinstermen and the Vikings in 1013, was plundered again in 1025, and finally in 1149. It gained ecclesiastical importance in the 12th century when an Augustinian monastery was founded in the village. A convent of nuns, also of the Augustinian order, was established shortly afterwards and while the monastery didn’t survive, the convent flourished in Termonfeckin up until its eventual closure in 1540, following the Reformation of Henry VIII.


Province                                     – Leinster

County                                         – County Louth

Population (2002 census)   – 2016

Article from: Wikipedia


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