Evanna Lynch to play lead role in ‘My Name is Emily’


As promised, Evanna Lynch has announced details of her new project, My Name Is Emily.

The plot of the movie follows below:

My Name is Emily is a story of madness, sadness and love. On her 16th birthday, Emily escapes from her foster home, and with the help of Arden, the boy who loves her, she sets out to find her father, a visionary writer, locked up in a far-off mental institution.

Evanna shared her thoughts on the project:

“After I read the script, it and Emily were all I could think about for weeks; it is so different to anything I’ve read and yet so real and dynamic, and it is an absolute privilege and a joy to have the opportunity to help bring My Name is Emily to life with Simon and his team. Simon is an incredible person and he is embracing challenges the like that no director has had to contend with before and it is awe-inspiring simply to be in the midst of that.”

Write/Director Simon Fitzmaurice talked about the project with The Irish Times:

“The film I desire to make is My name is Emily, a story of a sixteen year old girl. It’s been living inside me for the past five years. Emily fascinates me. Because I believe in redemption. I believe in the power to take what life throws at you and to slowly come back, to take all you have and not be crushed to death by sadness and loss. This is a story of redemption. People are crushed every day by sadness and loss. This is not an attempt to say otherwise. This is just a story where that doesn’t happen”

Along with Evanna, the movie also stars Irish actor Michael Smiley (Kill List) as Emily’s father Robert, and George Webster will play the role of Arden.

Check out the official website for MNIE here.

Evanna Lynch launches BGESTA; talks new Irish movie role

On September 9, Evanna Lynch launched the Bord Gais Energy Student Theater Awards in Dublin. Pictures from the launch event can be seen in the gallery here.


She shared some details on her Facebook:

Yesterday I helped launch the Bord Gais Energy Student Theatre Awards in Dublin Any budding actors/theatre lovers in Ireland from 3rd class of primary school up to 6th year secondary school can enter the competition to be in with a chance to win and even just to meet fellow young artists in Ireland. It’s a brilliant opportunity to embrace your passion for drama and meet like minded souls. Check out bgesta.ie for more details on how to enter! I am assistant judge this year!! V excited! Best of luck !!

She also shared her thoughts on her own hesitations when she was younger:

When I was young I had a real passion for it, but I didn’t necessarily believe it was something I could do as a career… So I love any opportunity to tell kids that the thing you love doing and are good at is important.

The deadline for entries is January 12, 2015. So if you’re in Ireland and eligible, head over here to download the form for your submission!

In addition, she also revealed that details about her next project, the Irish movie, will be coming this week.

“There will be details later this week but I can’t say much as yet although it is my first Irish movie and my first lead part.

“It’s very exciting – we have been rehearsing and they have been gathering the rest of the cast so I am excited to start shooting next week.”

Evanna said she is delighted to be working at home and only found out about the film as a friend was auditioning.

She revealed: “It was always my plan to work in Ireland but it is harder and the opportunities are fewer.

Source: Irish Mirror, Snitch Seeker

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